Here we are: two co-active fans and old friends wanting to connect with fellow coaches, sharpen our coaching knives and sharing our tool boxes: Arno Broere and Louise Kemps. Since we both share this desire, we have decided to just go and create what we envision. And then take it from there.

Our shared vision is that coaching is both an art and a skill. Therefore, in order to get to mastery we strongly believe in the value of practicing. Don’t get us wrong, we do like the occasional leadership and coaching book, but we want this new Coaching-To-Go platform  to be a highly practical workplace.

As coaches, you are continuousy improving and looking for new material and techniques to support your clients. That is why we started Coaching-To-Go.

  • Would you love to revive your tool box regularly?
  • Practice and enhance your co-active coaching skills?
  • Share insights with professional colleagues?
  • Take Away new ready-to-use tools?

Then this new platform could be something FOR YOU!