About us

We are former colleagues, old friends and passionate coaches.


Arno Broere CPCC

Arno held managerial positions in marketing and management. After a burn-out decided to change direction. Arno reclaims the power of conversations, passionate about people and uses humor and provocation to help people and teams taking steps. Organizing different out-of-the box experiences and ideas in order to support people to get back to their real selves. www.bloeigesprek.nl

louiseLouise Kemps MCC CPCC ORSCC

Louise has been working with leaders and teams in a facilitating role since 2002. Prior to that she held managerial positions in marketing and management in the corporate world until she was hospitalized with a serious illness. Since her recovery she is passionate to bring lightness and life to the workplace and to support people and teams to grow and flourish by bringing out the best of themselves. Louise is co-owner at Stach, invigorating leaders and teams… bringing heart to business: www.stach.nu. She is a wholehearted executive coach for ambitious individuals, a team coach (ao for international Executive MBA students at Erasmus University) and a trainer (ao of different leadership programs with her colleagues of Stach and of S&N leadership and teamcoaching training programs) and she has been community leader for the Dutch Co-Active Community for 8 years.